About Michaela Sirbu
Certified Yoga and Pilates Instructor / Owner

After 9 years of working in a sedentary and stressful environment, I suffered from chronic lower back pain as well as shoulder and neck tension. I was mentally active but was beginning to realize that my mind and body had become disconnected. I wanted to be energetic in my mind and body -- to feel physically ready and able to do whatever I could dream of doing.
After trying countless activities in order to overcome the muscle imbalances and poor posture that were affecting me, I tried Pilates. I chose the New York City Studio in 1997 because the program was taught by Romana Kryzanowska who studied with Joseph Pilates for 28 years. After only a few sessions I realized Pilates had the potential to free me from pain. Even more valuable to me was the potential of The Pilates Method to realign my body so that the possibility of aches and pains would be diminished. It was clear to me that, with instruction, I could re-train my body the proper alignment and good posture which would give me the solid base for physical activity that I wanted. I also knew that with proper posture came better circulation, improved function of the internal organs and an abundance of energy.

I decided to pursue the instructor's certification program to learn the exercise system and to possibly share it with others. I studied under the scrutiny of Kryzanowska in excess of 700 hours of theoretical and practical instruction. While in New York, I was able to observe and share in the transformation of hundreds of students of the Pilates Method, who worked closely with the instructors and the renowned physiotherapist, Sean Gallager, co-owner of the Pilates Studio. I am proud to be able to use my acquired knowledge and skills to help my clients live pain free and to progress to higher levels of physical fitness and body awareness. I also get tremendous satisfaction from training and certifying Pilates Instructors. By passing my knowledge on to future instructors I can reach more people and carry on the tradition of excellence begun at Joseph Pilates’ New York Studio.






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